Bashar Explaining the Antenna

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This is the video that started it all.

In this video, Bashar talks about the relationship between space and time in space/time, as well as how plotting these differences can be used as a basis for building a space/time antenna which, when you spark it to start the process, it begins drawing down energy from higher etheric fields, effectively giving you a source of unlimited free energy.

Here is an explanation he gave in another talk:

Bashar in Egypt Audio: Opening of the Lost Chambers

Creating a copper wire antenna
Monday, Nov. 30, 1992 Pt4 Q & A 2

The first devices that will allow you to tap more directly into the electromagnetic field and convert it directly into energy is as follows:

Have a piece of heavy insulated copper wire, insulated meaning it has a sheath or a covering on it that allows it to be protected. You take that piece of wire and you create a spiral going up in a cone shape, smaller and smaller and smaller. When you get to the top at a very small diameter, you then take the wire and got out to a very large diameter, similar to the diameter you started with. Then you make an inverted cone, and go smaller and smaller through the other cone, back down to the point at the ground. Then you connect that point back to the beginning of the first cone, at the base. Thus you have a structure that is like this. A cone spiraling up, and a cone spiraling down, and these two cones are interpenetrated.

This is the first component of a device that will allow you to tap into the electromagnetic field and convert directly into different kinds of energy that you can use. In order to have any effect in your reality at all, this device as we have just described it, must stand at least as large as the following dimension; it must be able to fit precisely underneath an imaginary three-sided pyramid that is three feet tall.

Original source here.


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