Testing a Light Bulb with a 12v DC Spark

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Testing a Lightbulb from a DC Spark

Testing a Light bulb from a DC spark

So using my first completed antenna, I decided to start running some power through it and see what happens. I’d tested for a connection between the two metal wires and there definitely is an electrical connection there. Check. From what I understand you need to “spark” it with an AC hit, but I don’t have an extra power cable lying around to strip and use to spark it, so I’m gonna use some extra cable and a DC battery and see what happens.

I wanted to use a 9v battery, but for some reason I couldn’t get my multimeter to read any voltage off of it even though it’s a brand new working battery. I tried using one of my 12v Ni-MH NP-E3 batteries from my Canon DSLR as it’s what I had available to jump start it instead.

I cut some wires, connected them to antenna by hooking it on one tip of the cone and then the other, touched them to the electrodes on the battery, and it definitely sparked and produced somewhat of a smoky smell. On the battery it says not to short it and, well, that’s basically what I did… heh.

After sparking the antenna with a measured 12.8v of DC power, I measured it with my multimeter and found no voltage drop or current flow from one coil to another. No surprise from a traditional electronics standpoint. No connected power source, no current.

The light bulb needs 120v to run and my battery was only putting out 12.8v. Even when the battery was connected directly to the light bulb, the light bulb didn’t turn on. I was thinking maybe the antenna would give me the proper voltage needed (120v instead of 12v), but I guess not.

I wonder if you first start it up with a certain voltage source if it continues outputting at that same level… so if I was to start it up with a 120v spark from the wall if it would continue supplying 120v indefinitely.


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