Bashar Explaining More About the Antenna

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In the session titled “Take Action” from Oct. 12, 2008, Bashar talks with a fellow experimenter named Kevin who built a jig which you can use to wrap the copper wire/tube around.

You can download and listen to the full ~5 minute MP3 by clicking here.

Below I’ll share some relevant notes and quotes from the talk. Again, you can listen to the complete audio yourself by clicking the mp3 link above.

The coils need to be insulated. Kevin mentions using insulating paint for the insulation.

The STA is in some sense a capacitor and a transformer.

Bashar: “Once you initiate a certain kind of electrical current through it, you allow it to become vibrationally sensitive, because of its shape, to higher frequency energies which are then, in a sense, harmonically attracted to it and begin coursing along the same route. Once the higher frequency energies begin coursing along the same route, it sets up a self-reinforcing vibration that then can be amplified in a variety of ways and transformed, stepped down and transformed into electrical energy or various kind of energy that you can tap and use for your devices on your planet.”

Kevin: So you need to kick start it with an AC pulse. Then it will start resonating, driving itself, and then we can tap energy from it. Bashar: Yes.

Bashar: “This is the very beginning and very early experimentational form. This will improve and this will become more sophisticated, but first it is necessary to do the experimentations at this level in order to then see that you’re getting some effect which will then guide you to the next stage of refining it.”

Kevin: There are quite a number of inventors that have devices that are at the very beginning stages that show some “anomalous” energy as well.

Bashar: The “higher frequency energy” that it taps in to comes from what has been euphemistically referred to as the “template level reality” or “lower astral plane.”

Bashar: “Enjoy your experimentation!”

To listen to the above talk in full, you can download and listen to the MP3 by clicking here.

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Video of me sparking the copper tube antenna Simulating the STA Magnetic Field

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