Combining the STA with a Pyramid

March 12, 2011 at 2:57 am 1 comment

I’ve been wondering exactly where the power inputs and outputs to this STA are. I’ve been sparking it (starting it up) by quickly touching the top and bottom of the STA with household 120V AC current. The idea is that this will make it start electromagnetically resonating, and thanks to its shape, it will start to create a self-amplification effect. It’s sorta like a bell that continues to keep ringing after you initially strike it. Great, but how do you get power out of it? Well Bashar mentioned that it acts like a transformer and transformers require two nearby non-physically-touching coils to work. Our STA does have two coils, but they’re touching so it won’t work as a transformer. So if it’s going to function as one, we’re going to need another coil for it to induce a current upon.

Secondly, Bashar has mentioned previously, “This is the first component of a device that will allow you to tap into the electromagnetic field and convert directly into different kinds of energy that you can use.” Furthermore, “In order to have any effect in your reality at all, this device as we have just described it must stand at least as large as the following dimensions: It must be able to fit precisely underneath an imaginary 3-sided pyramid that is 3 feet tall.”

He could have said “It needs to be at least X feet tall, but he specifically mentioned it in relation to the pyramid.” So I’m guessing that’s another clue as well.

So it’s certainly possible that this STA will ultimately be running inside a pyramid-shaped structure.


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Beautiful 3D Renderings of the STA Bashar talking about Nikola Tesla

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  • 1. dellalee piper  |  March 26, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    i am a deaf person THANK YOU FOR THE C,C, this is RESPECT,,


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