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Adding a Crystal for Amplification

One idea that was recently channeled down through a friend of mine during a discussion about this antenna was to add a crystal to the antenna for amplification.

There’s a wikipedia entry for crystal radios which discusses coiling copper wire around a crystal for, what do you know, tapping into electromagnetic energy.

Does anyone know more about this?

A few questions I have include:

  • What types of crystals are used? Quartz, perhaps?
  • Does the size and shape of the crystal matter?
  • Does the coil have to be physically touching the crystal?

I’m guessing the crystal has to be inside the coils. I wonder if it would do a better job if it was a double cone shape, basically forming an inner structure or shell for the coil to be wrapped around, or if it should be somehow suspended within the coil somewhere.

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Bashar Explains How the Antenna Works

Here’s a video of a guy who had an antenna designed as well. In the video below, the guy sits down to talk with Bashar at 4:08.

In this video he shows a template that he built to loop his wire around, one more rugged and solid than the one I constructed out of paper.

The actual antenna that he had designed was constructed out of bare copper wire. Bashar points out that it’s not insulated and the guy says that his next step is to add insulated paint. I like this idea because, as mentioned previously, wire that comes already wrapped in an insulated coating is too thin to hold its shape, at least the wire I found in Home Depot. Using bare wire allows you to use a thicker wire which will hold its shape better. It would be important, of course, to make sure that you don’t leave any gaps in the insulation coating when painting the antenna.

How The Antenna Works

In the video, the guy asks Bashar how the video works and Bashar explains:

It is, in some degree, the essence of what you call a capacitor and a transformer. The idea is that once you initiate a certain kind of electrical current through it, you allow it to become vibrationally sensitive, because of its shape, to higher frequency energies, which are then in a sense harmonically attracted to it and begin coursing along the same route. Once the higher frequency energies begin coursing along the same route, it sets up a self-reinforcing vibration that then can be amplified in a variety of ways and transformed, stepped down, transformed into electrical energy or various kinds of energy that you can tap and use for your devices on your planet.

The guy then says to kick start it with an AC (or DC, but probably AC) pulse. Then it will start resonating and drive itself and then you can start tapping energy from it.

The energy that the antenna taps into “is what has been euphemistically been called the template level reality […] or lower astral plane.”

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